Brian “Bozo” Ward

Brian “Bozo” Ward grew up in Drew, MS where his dad, an ag pilot, owned and operated a flying service. During high school Bozo helped his dad run the business before going on to college at Mississippi State University. He graduated from MSU in 1996 with a Bachelors in Ag Science and went on to get a Masters degree in the same field, graduating in 1998. While in graduate school, Bozo had various work experiences with Dr. Alan Blaine (State Soybean Specialist), Dr. William Moore (Plant Pathologist), Dr. Jim Hamer (Ag Entomologist), and Jim Thomas (State Irrigation Specialist).

In 2008, Bozo co-founded Southern Ag Consulting with Dr. Alan Blaine and Mitt Wardlaw. He also co-founded Alliance Ag Risk Management in 2009. Bozo serves as the Director of Crop Consulting at Southern Ag and covers the area from Hwy 8 South to Hwy 16. Bozo is licensed and certified as a Mississippi Consultant in Ag Entomology, Ag Plant Pathology, and Ag Weed Control.

When not working, Bozo enjoys hanging out at the hunting club with his family and friends. He currently has won the “Most Cottonmouth Kills Contest” for four consecutive years.