Moisture Sensors

Soil moisture monitoring, irrigation scheduling, and water management is now easier than ever with High Yield Ag Solutions (HYAS). HYAS offers the most advanced system of soil moisture probes, wireless data transfer, and easily accessed organized data management. This ‘round the clock’ soil moisture monitoring allows for timely and efficient water management decisions, effectively maximizing profit.

The network utilizes Sentek’s most accurate and reliable probe on the market. Each probe has several sensors spaced evenly every 4 inches, starting 2 inches below the soil surface. This design provides accurate and comprehensive monitoring of the soil moisture within the most crucial soil horizon – the rooting zone. Sentek probes are extremely accurate, ensuring reliable and trustworthy data collection.

Each probe is connected to a top of the line KTS wireless radio which utilizes cellular signals. These radios transfer the data to the secure, password-protected, web-based server that allows access to the data through a laptop/PC, smartphone, or tablet. The High Yield Ag website is user friendly with a simple and organized interface enabling the user to monitor and manage data efficiently. All of these separate components combine to give what we believe is one of the best water management systems on the market.