Precision Ag/Yield Analysis

Consider the yield data from each field an autopsy to determine what went right, what went wrong, and how to be better in the future!  Over the past year, Southern Ag Consulting has been migrating into the agricultural electronics industry.  Now with a full line-up of precision ag electronics,  Southern Ag is offering a fully integrated yield monitoring program that takes the farmer from combine to profits including: service/installation, calibration, processing, and agronomic interpretation.  The program begins with the installation of an Ag Leader® yield monitor to collect valuable and necessary data from the field.  Ag Leader® provides the most widely-used grain yield monitoring technology in the world.  Create and view yield and moisture maps while harvesting and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield.  Only Ag Leader® provides yield monitoring for nearly all combine makes/models from the last 25 years and is the industry’s only system to utilize AutoSwatch™  functionality.  This technology allows yield data to be recorded based on the number of rows being harvested, providing accurate data when harvesting point rows or partial swaths.  After harvesting is complete, data is imported into Southern Ag’s data management program to be analyzed and compared to many in-field variables, including variety/hybrid, soil type, soil fertility. etc.

The bottom line is that Southern Ag makes yield monitoring profitable instead of just pretty maps.