At Southern Ag we have over 90 years of combined experience in crop management and agriculture research that allows us to make informed decisions for your farm that result in higher yields and bigger profits.

 At Southern Ag we believe that the farms that feed, cloth and power our world have much more potential to provide better quality and higher yielding food, fiber and fuel with more profit potential for the producers that grow it. We are able to provide our growers with a level of expertise historically only found at the University level. By combining our collective experience with today’s cutting edge technology, Southern Ag ensures that farms reach their full potential. 

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Our vision consists of building a community of farm-minded consultants and research professionals with a broad base of experience and expertise. We strongly believe in the lessons that our experience has taught us while at the same time challenging the ideas and practices that are oftentimes taken for granted. We are committed to doing what’s right and taking care of our customers’ resources.

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Our current crop insurance policies are more affordable and go the farthest to protect your investment than any other single area of our risk management plan. The key to making crop insurance work for your operation is to select the correct policy and coverage, thereby maximizing return on investment (premiums).

At Alliance, our marketing strategy is based on locking in profit and minimizing risk, while leveraging those decisions against our crop insurance policy. This approach truly “guarantees” your ag business a minimal amount of revenue to be realized, no matter what the weather or the board of trade does during the course of the year.