It doesn’t matter what you grow, our team of consultants are knowledgeable and eager to create a custom plan for you and your business.

Southern Ag Consultants are unique to your typical individual consultant. Our consultants have a team of expert professionals on staff to support them wherever they need it. From crop specialists to soil fertility specialists to precision ag data management and analysis. Our consultants are on the farm year round “Cradle to Grave”.

We provide services from variety selection, early burndown, planting dates and populations, and in season management decisions such as weed, insect, irrigation, and disease management.

Other Services our Consultants bring to you is having in-house Soil Sampling that will give you a Variable Rate Recommendation, Seed Rx (Variable Rate Planting), and Data Analysis on soil fertility, varieties, planting populations and anything you could possibly want to look at on your farm. If you are collecting the data we can show you what is helping or what may be hurting!

Meet Our Consultants

The Southern Ag Consulting footprint continues to expand across the Mid-South. Our territory includes North and Central Mississippi (North of I-20), Arkansas, Louisiana, North Alabama and South Tennessee. Our consultant network has access to over 350,000 acres of crops for testing and research. 

Our consultants in the field.


Our consultants see it all. They are the ones in the field day in and day out all year long. They enjoy every aspect of the farming life and helping their customers. If it has happened on the farm then it’s a pretty good chance they’ve seen it.