Research & Development Southern Ag is committed to maximizing your investment in Research and Development as a management partner to your technology lifecycles. Southern Ag has a complete in-house R&D group fully devoted to producing excellent, unbiased results that help our growers, consultants, and supply partners improve sustainable profits with proven solutions.

Southern Ag Consulting has a complete in-house R&D department dedicated to evaluating crop inputs ranging from pesticides to variety performance.  Southern Ag utilizes professionals with years of experience in the research sector from plot design to product rating to data evaluation with the best scientific standards.

One of the best assets  the producer gains when you hire Southern Ag Consulting is knowledge of the best variety/crop input, not just for your farm but for your individual fields.  Southern Ag has years of experience and data to back up each decision we make.  Another advantage we bring to your farm is that we are independent.  We have no financial gain depending on the selection we choose for your operation.  Each season Southern Ag conducts in-house variety/crop input trials across the state on clients’ farms to test what is coming and validate existing varieties and inputs.  This information, along with observations made by our consultants during the season, is used to make the best selection possible for you farm.

  • Information made available to Southern Ag Clients
  • Independent
  • Wealth of experience with product trials in countless environments/situations

Confidence and Confidentiality

Southern Ag’s R and D Team comprises multiple PhDs with extensive experience in University and private sector research.  We understand the need for confidentiality when working with any research group, and you can rest in complete confidence when you contract work with Southern Ag.  We take your investment with us seriously, and want to keep your business as a long term partner. 

Small Plots To Large Fields

Southern Ag has two types of fieldwork we do to ensure our customers get both discovery and research platforms maximized with their actives/products.  We have multiple sites for small demo plots and on-farm acres test sites, extensive experience with protocol creation, implementation, rating, etc.  Our unique relationship with our Consulting Team gives you the opportunity to get first-hand experience with brand positioning and in-kind pricing and placement info for your products.  We also can do crop destruct plots or large scale work to ensure that you understand real-life scenarios with your investment before risking exposure with full farm launches.  Expect us to deliver research to recommendation level output including but not limited to marketing and sales collateral creation.  We can even help train your people on what the science says. 


Southern Ag’s R and D Team focuses on helping you accelerate brand adoption in our contracted acre geography due to early hands-on experience with key consultants and mutual farm customers.  We are active and successful in helping suppliers take products from early-stage development to rapid in-field commercial adoption through the collaboration between our different functional groups.  If you’re worried about maximizing the patent lifecycle at any stage of your brand, look no further than Southern Ag.  We know what to do. 

Sales and Marketing

Research and Development happen early and often with good companies and their brands.  Southern Ag R and D doesn’t stop with your product launch.  We train our Consultants and customers on continuing product placement with the best brands available for the limiting factors we identify through in-season scouting.  We have industry leading cross analytics of contributing efficacy variables that we can work with your Sales and Marketing teams to ensure constant and correct knowledge transfer about your products to our mutual customers.  Don’t let your investment take an unnecessary back-seat to less effective products.  We can help you maximize your brand.